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Edge-ness:     Attituded Since 2008


Likely, there could be millions of (if not a gazillion) trading companies out there, mastering their so-called “leading”, ”most professional” or “ second-to-none” biz-code to trade, to export or whatsoever. 

Edge is unlikely one of them: We offer solutions, not just trade.

In the past 8 years, Edge has offered, directly or indirectly, a great many of fastening solutions to renowned INCs worldwide. From ASME/IFI/ANSI, DIN, ISO, GB standard fasteners, which are used mechanically to join or affix other hardware objects together, and come in many forms which include rivets, nuts, bolts, studs, screws, washers, nails and threaded fasteners, to “tailored”, engineered, custom-fit fasteners according to your specifications.


We are not sure if we are the “leading” one in the neighborhood.

We are not sure if our pricing is “ the most competitive ”.

We are not sure either if you would “thumb-up” us or “down”.


But we are the most certain that: 

1.Our engineers are experienced.

2.Our Edge team is dedicated.

3.Our commitment to our customers is honored 

And most importantly: We are 100% sure that we are honest and can be trusted. 


Contact us, find your solution and stay Edge-d. 

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