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With 32 years of experience in the fastener industry, Kent Carter serves Edge Global Fastener Solutions as our Chief Engineer of Sales based in the United States of America. Over the years of his career he has been in sales, production , manufacturing , and setting up global sourcing. He has helped solve issues with fastener joint failures and issues with product design. Worked with Product Engineers to develop new fastener solutions in Automotive Applications, Appliance Industry, and Industrial Products. No matter if you have a joint requirement of 15 degree deflection, or several newton meters of stress requirement, he has been there before.


At EGFS, we have more than just words to back up our desire to fulfill your supply chain needs! We have experience and the knowledge, but most of all, the passion to solve and secure your supply. The best supply is the one that just takes care of itself with minimal attention required once it is set up. We love challenges and do not take your business lightly. We are committed to a long term mutually beneficial partnership!


Bring us your problems and let us find solutions to your fastener supply today! (Email:kcarter@edgeglobals.com)


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